Alex Chilton feature length documentary

Alex Chilton feature length documentary

Postby Rosario FC on Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:34 pm

Finally able to share this.....!

Memphis filmmaker David Julian Leonard has been working on a feature length documentary on Alex's life.
On this link there's a 10 min preview of the unfinished film.

In David's own words:
"OK friends, time to share this new website for the ALEX CHILTON DOCUMENTARY where you can find a TEN MINUTE FILM TRAILER & other info. I'll return to Memphis Mar. 16 - May 2 to gather last bits for the film. This will include some travel - East Coast & New Orleans for sure and probably L.A. too. Thanks to everyone who has shared so much great material."
Here's the link:
Please do what you can and support/share widely on social media!
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