Help, video for a song, band name and song name unknown

Help, video for a song, band name and song name unknown

Postby Rick.N.Baker on Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:10 pm

A shot in the dark here but I have a music video I remember but can't remember the band name or the song name and you guys are probably the best ones to ask, I think the video even got shared here back in the day?

The singer from the band was walking through a town and every girl that showed an interest in him had an accident, the one that I remember best is the girl in the coffee shop and the coffee machine blows up and kills her, I seem to remember that one girl was knocked down and another ended up in the canal. Anybody have any idea who the band may have been and what the song was? I possibly didn't even like it but the video was good!

Thanks in advance
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